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Brand Is Culture, Culture Is Brand

You may have heard me talk recently about the article I read in the Harvard Business review, By Bill Taylor, “Brand is Culture, Culture is Brand”. Click here and read it if you get a chance. In this article Bill talks about the relationship between the human resource (HR) departments and the marketing or sales departments in large companies. He says “Even the most creative business leaders I now recognize that success is not just about marketing differently from other companies: more daring ads, more new products, more aggressive use of Twitter and Facebook.

It is also, and perhaps more important, about caring more than other companies — about customers, about colleagues, about how the organization conducts itself in a world with endless opportunities to cut corners and compromise on values.” If there was ever a statement that embodied our “Rubber Meets the Road” ideology, this would be it, and I couldn’t help but write a report on it.

Imagine if you will, that you are the sales department. That’s not too hard to imagine, because it’s what you do. Then imagine that restoration companies like ours are your human resource department, boots on the ground, if you will. In a time of need we go in and effectuate the policies you have written and sold to your insured’s. If you are selling a service and I am that service what would your concerns be? Wouldn’t you want the workers to be of a certain quality with a proven track record, not hired from some manpower agency? Wouldn’t you want them to represent your values as much as possible? Do you want a third party somewhere back east negotiating how this work will be done and who will be doing it?

Wouldn’t you want the manpower providing your services to have been drug tested and felony free? Wouldn’t you want the company doing the work have local ownership, with the profits empowering our community? Those are the questions I would be asking if I were in your shoes. In fact those are the questions I have asked and answered at our company. We have always hired our employees for long-term service. We don’t use day workers or manpower workers. We have done random drug testing for years and have had to fire a few employees for violations over the years. Interestingly enough most of those former employees we fired are even now working at other local restoration companies.

We realize when you are working in customer’s houses unsupervised by the homeowner there has to be a high degree of trust. As far as values go we want your customer to have what they are entitled to according to the policy you have written and sold. When a sub-contractor is hired, you want the same quality of care as with the employees. We qualify those contractors as well. We do felony checks on all employees we hire. We are happy to say that many of our long-term employees have purchased houses, cars, and insurance for both with the earnings they have received off the jobs we have done for you. If a franchise restoration company is doing your work, probably 10 to 15 percent of the money they make is being sent back east somewhere.

So let us partner up with you and be your H.R. Department. We will represent what you sell the way you sold it.